Inside Planche.de / My fencing software info migration

Why no longer Inside Planche.de?

The intent of providing pre-release software is to receive feedback from future users on whether it works and suits their needs.

First, I had provided pre-release software as a public download and within weeks had several hundreds of downloads (not counting Google etc.) but no adequate feedback.

To tackle this issue, I created the Inside Planche.de program where interested people could sign-up and download the pre-releases. The login names helped improve the download statistics and let us count how many diffent users (as opposed to downloads) the project had. However not everyone took this serious and we started getting fraud accounts, so we introduced an account approval step at which level we sorted out such accounts.

But still, people were confused and some wildly downloaded software not suited for their phones, messing up our per-account download statistics.

Therefore I have decided to terminate the Inside Planche.de program and to replace it with several, more focused testing programs.

What is fencingsoftware.info?

Based upon feedback from international visitors I have acquired the fencingsoftware.info domain, which I expect to be more memorable for the non-Germans. www.fencingsoftware.info is currently identical to www.planche.de; this might change in the future.

What is My fencingsoftware.info?

my.fencingsoftware.info is the single site for all users of Planche and Arbitre, whether tester or end-user. Depending on your profile

I had signed up for Inside Planche.de, what now?

As a former member of the Inside Planche.de program you can login to the new site using your chosen credentials.

In order to continue testing software, for now please contact us by email and tell us your username and the software edition(s) you would like to test. If you'd like to test my refereeing software Arbitre, please include the device model(s) you would be testing on.

Example: Hello, I was on the Inside Planche.de testing program and I would like to continue testing the S60 and Java editions of Arbitre on my Nokia 7650 as well as Planche 2010 on Windows. Regards, Andreas ("Rumpelstilzchen")

I am new to this project - where do I sign up?

To sign up for any of the new testing programs you need a login for the My site. To register, as an interim solution an adapted copy of the previous registration page is here. After activating your account please contact us at inside (at) planche.de and tell us about you to be considered, including the same information as previously registered members.

Note that the privacy statement of the main sites applies here too - with the addition that, obviously, your profile is saved by us (and not shared with third parties) and, again obviously, your username can be used to identify you e.g. when downloading or submitting reports.

In several places this site talks about feedback - what's of interest?

In order to develop software that addresses your specific needs, we are interested in the following:

When testing or using the software:

In the future we might provide version-specific questionnaires tailored to testing activity; for now please use email and our form-based issue tracking system to provide feedback.

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