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FIE rules (last updated: 2007-11-01)

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Project status update (2008-06-24)
Last week I handed in my thesis - this will hopefully allow me to spend a little more time on this project. As a start, I have overhauled the Engarde file format parser to get rid of the annoying ANTLR dependency and, while I'm at it, I've added a test suite to avoid regressions. In preparation of the overdue new CTP release for the Mac I have restructured the plug-ins for compatibility with SVK, so that I can hopefully create a Universal Binary build sometime soon.
Enhanced user profile (2008-03-23)
Your user profile now lists which testing programs you are on and the corresponding system info you had provided.
Added screenshots (2008-03-14)
Published screenshots of Arbitre for UIQ3 and iPhone.
Updated FIE rules (2007-11-01)
The FIE rules have been updated to the June 2007 editions.
Updated FIE rules (2007-05-26)
The FIE rules have been updated to the three May editions. Planche 2010 for Mac will be updated with the new rules over the next weeks.

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