Release Notes: Planche 2010 for Mac OS X


Unless otherwise noted, Planche 2010 and its plug-ins are Universal Binaries (PowerPC and Intel). They have been tested for compatibility with Mac OS X v10.3.9 (Panther) but are mainly developed on v10.5.x (Leopard); they are expected to work on v10.4.x (Tiger) as well.

Planche 2010 supports loading native Cocoa based plug-ins (.plugin).

Planche 2010 can display individual tournaments based on the FencingTOM. Note that it does not offer menu items to do so itself, instead they are provided by the plug-in providing the FencingTOM implementation, e.g. Fecht-Turnier or Engarde plug-in. (Work on the client/server TOM has paused since focus has shifted to the Engarde plug-in.)

The tournament window displays the participating fencers and the competitions. The competitions can be opened by double-clicking.

The competition window lists participating fencers and allows to edit most fields and to update presence by checkbox. Which of these work depends on the chosen FencingTOM implementation. If a change is not supported an error box will be shown. The toolbar allows to print a list of the fencers (not yet optimized for multi-page). It theoretically also allows to print pool results but this is not available in the CTPs (needs re-compiling for swapping the logic).

Application preferences are prepared but not yet used (empty General pane). Plug-ins can have preference panes of their own (.prefPane) but mine are currently no-op, so none are shipped for the June 2008 CTP.

FIE plug-in

Provides a copy of the official French FIE competition rules as online help.

DFB plug-in

Defines German age groups. Provides a copy of the DFB-Sportordnung as online help.

ÖFV, SvFF plug-ins


FFE, FLE, BF, IFF plug-ins


Fecht-Turnier plug-in

All fencer fields except date of birth can be edited and are persisted. More features are available non-graphically via FencingTOM, e.g. pools.

Changes are picked up from disk and the UI notified.

Engarde plug-in

Most fencer fields can be read but few can be set and fewer are persisted.

No file monitoring yet.

eGK plug-in


Change Log

0.1.2 (June 2008 CTP)

FIE plug-in v0.1.1: Online help updated to June 2007 rules.

Engarde plug-in v0.2: New file format parser, no longer based on ANTLR. ANTLR v3 was badly maintained (undocumented, no source), it silently ignored errors, and ANTLR v3.1b1 was broken. If you had already tested the Engarde add-in on Windows, please re-check your files with this plug-in.

BUG: The original Planche 0.1.2 download did not contain the full FIE help. Fixed in silent update 0.1.2a.


Package the missing FIE plug-in help files (June 2007 rules).


Help update: The Planche 0.1.2 and 0.1.2a downloads shipped the FIE plug-in v0.1.1 (June 2007 rules). The silent update 0.1.2b includes the FIE plug-in v0.1.2 (December 2007 rules). The plug-in is also available separately for those that have already downloaded Planche 2010.

The FIE plug-in v0.1.2 update affects only the online help for the FIE plug-in. If you don't intend to look up the French FIE rules, you won't need the updated plug-in.


Initial Engarde plug-in v0.1, based on ANTLR v3

0.1.0 (December 2006 CTP)

First CTP.

FIE plug-in v0.1.0, including (French) rules

DFB plug-in includes DFB-Sportordnung

Adding fencers to tournament works (for most FencingTOMs including Fecht-Turnier)


Used at rank tournament.

Based on native Cocoa and embedded Mono

DFB plug-in

Fecht-Turnier plug-in that converts exported results and opens competitions

Printing support for present fencers and preliminary support for pools


FIE and DFB add-ins

eGK add-in

Fecht-Turnier add-in that converts exported results and opens competitions

Initial printing support for competition participants

0.0.2 (Sneak Preview)

Based on my Cocoa-sharq (a cleanroom implementation of Cocoa-sharp that is more stable).

Can create a new competition

Can display tournaments listed in and

(compare Alpha 2 for Windows)


Based on Cocoa-sharp

Can connect to a Planche server and create a new tournament.